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Anxiety is common condition that, if severe enough, may qualify you for Social Security disability or SSI benefits. For more information visit our anxiety page.

Depression is a condition that Social Security may award benefits for if you meet certain criteria. For more information check out our depression quiz and depression page for helpful information and links to community resources.

Practice Areas

To qualify for Social Security or SSI benefits, you must have an impairment or combination of impairments that have a substantial impact on the your ability to conduct your “activities of daily living.” These conditions must be permanent or expected to last at least 12 months. Social Security doesn’t offer partial or temporary disability.

Examples of “activities of daily living”  include:

  • Personal Care- Bathing, showering, dressing
  • Cooking – Preparing meals for yourself
  • Cleaning – Sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, etc.
  • Yardwork – Cutting grass, raking, planting flowers, etc.

If your conditions or impairments don’t have a substantial impact on your “daily activities”, then your case may not be severe enough to meet Social Security’s standards.

If your case is not severe enough, according to Social Security’s standards, we have partner’s in the community that may be able to help you:

Goodwill – Their mission is to assist people with disabilities and other barriers to employment to live independently and become employed. They can help with job search and assistance.

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation – Their mission is “Employment and independence for Georgians with disabilities.” They offer programs to help you find employment or employers willing to accommodate specific limitations that you may have.

Of course, if you are not sure you can call our office and arrange a free case evaluation to help you determine what your options are.

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  • If you’re a disabled railroad worker, call us and we’ll help you file your claim, complete the forms and paperwork, and help you qualify for the benefits you deserve.

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