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James E. Allen

In 1995, while in graduate school at Valdosta State University earning his Master's degree, James began working with the disabled as a graduate student in the "special services" program. In this position he tutored and tested young people with physical and mental impairments. In 1996, James was hired through the federal "outstanding scholar" program and began his career with the Social Security Administration as a claims representative. In 2012, James retired from the Social Security Administration and obtained certification as an "EDPNA". This prestigious certification allows him to represent clients in all Social Security matters. Since then, James has actively represented clients in a variety of Social Security matters including: appeals, administrative law judge hearings, initial claims, overpayments, medical cessations, children's claim, and other Social Security matters. The bottom line is this - James and the team at Southeastern Disability have the knowledge and experience you need to help you win your case. Their list of successes continues to grow with hundreds of cases won and millions of dollars in back pay and benefits won for their clients...

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